In Her Presence: Kat Tanita


If we're lucky, our mom is a reflection of everything we hope to be when we grow up, both the things you learn in a textbook and those intangible qualities that make a mom a cozy, unconditional best friend. As we get older we realize we can be a mirror image of our mom in beautiful ways that go way beyond the physical. Maybe it's the way your mom folds a blanket in a perfect square or the importance of Sunday breakfasts she instilled. When it comes to sweet Kat Tanita, her simple, classic style, attention to detail, and gentle spirit clearly come from her role model, her mom. Read below for some of the sweet, big ways her mom has shaped her.

Growing up, I observed my mom's passion for fashion, food, travel and decor.  She is one of my biggest role models and I can thank her for my aesthetic and eye for style.  She would make a 3 course gourmet meal every single night for dinner look effortless and always dressed to the nines.  Her uniform was white capri pants, a black Lacoste polo, Chanel ballet flats and pearl earrings.  She wore minimal jewelry and minimal makeup - again, always focusing on that effortless, but put together lifestyle.  One of my favorite things about my mom though was her diligence in raising my sister and I with good manners.  She taught me to treat everyone with kindness regardless of who they are, to always write hand written thank you notes, and to act with grace and ease even in a difficult situation.