In Her Presence: Natalie Beerman


We met Natalie through Mission Lazarus, one of our nonprofit partners, working in Honduras and Haiti through holistic ministry and social enterprise with educational, medical, agricultural and spiritual outreaches. We include their coffee in several of our gift boxes, and also drink a whole lot of it at home. This Spring, we met in Nashville and talked over coffee about our dreams, our respective organizations' plans, and our "why" for doing it all. Natalie is a soft and confident go-getter, and a young leader at Mission Lazarus. Read below for a little bit more about where she gets it from. 

My mom is a big love note person. In elementary school, it was love notes in my lunch box. Before my dance competitions, it was love notes taped to a chocolate bar snuck into my overnight bag. Once I could drive, it was love notes under my windshield wiper. In college, it was love notes in my mailbox states away. And the end of every note carried the same warm embrace that is my mom -

loving you always, devotedly, momma.

Cause that’s just what she does. She loves in her best way, the “always” way that stands by you when you’re wrong and gives you a nudge in the hard direction, the kind of “always” that holds you until you sigh, finally lowering the guard you’ve been holding up for everyone else. She is “devotedly momma”, dropping whatever she has to in order to make things a reality for her kids, for me.

It’s a big deal to have someone who believes in you. It teaches you to believe in others, that belief is really all you need (plus a whole lot of The Spirit working in you). And me, now a twenty-two year old lady, a spitting image of my mother at this age, I believe in me because my momma first did. I believe in God because she raised me that way. I believe in others and the way we all can win when we work together and for good. I believe that love is always the answer, and there is always enough of it, even more than we know. I believe, all because my momma’s love notes.