In Her Presence: Danielle Telleria

Yvonne's daughter

Both of the photos in Danielle's story give me chills. The snap from Danielle's wedding day is so sincere, and I can feel Danielle's heart and gratitude for her mom in that embrace. The one below is stunning because it's such a natural depiction of best friends. I love the organic way they are sitting, and that they are both looking out into the distance. It's powerful and perfectly sweet. And this is before we even get to the words of her story. Danielle is a word-master, a skill she practices beautifully in her role as director of creative and communications at Taudrey. Read below for some "I'm not the only one?!" moments (naps in dressing rooms!) and a beautiful description of her mom, Yvonne.

My mom can talk to a wall. And the wall might even talk back, and share its deepest troubles. And then maybe the two will even have a laugh and enjoy a glass of red wine. You see, my mom is the kind of person that radiates this intangible energy that attracts people, makes them feel comfortable and opens them up to share and smile. Growing up, this drove me crazy. Yes, I was the kid in the Publix parking lot frustratingly tugging at my school uniform while my mom chatted for what seemed like an eternity with a woman she met just minutes before, all as fresh produce warmed in the filled shopping carts ahead of them. Oh, and don’t even get me started with stores within Miami’s malls. I’m pretty sure I napped inside more than one Ann Taylor dressing room.

It wasn’t until I became an adult that I came to appreciate the greatness that my mom offers.  Her energy is real, it’s quite the force field, and today, I’m grateful to have been raised by a woman who has touched so many other lives. Everyone knows my mom. She’s quite literally chatted with every soul in South Florida. And while the title of “Yvonne’s daughter” drove me crazy as a kid, enviously thinking my mom was “more popular” than I was, today it’s a title I wear with great pride. Everyone loves her, but not as much I do. Of all the things I admire about Yvonne Alvarez, including her unwavering dedication to moisturizing her perfect olive skin, what I respect most is her ability to open her giant heart and smile to the world and enjoy the amazing people drawn to her.