In Her Presence: Erika Diaz


To celebrate the launch of our blog, this week we are celebrating moms, mother figures, best friends that act like moms, and all the women in between.

Starting this week with a poem by an artist, photographer, friend, Erika Diaz. I can't remember exactly how I met Erika, but she was one of those half social media, half real life, 100% true friends I've known for some time now.  She urges honesty and vulnerability and I can't tell you how many times she has put something out there or said the words we've all wanted to hear and I just think to myself: YES. Basically, Erika is one of those people the world needs more of. Even from afar, you can tell she and her mom share a beautiful, close bond and friendship. Read Erika's poem written to her mom, below.

Erika & Lupe-17.jpg

I'll try to tell you about her, but she doesn't fit into mere words. She's loyal and dedicated. She's made of all the brilliant things, of flowers and colors and fiery flames. She is in love with life, unwavering to live it fully. She teaches me everyday to be strong and to trust in God; she doesn’t tell me though, I learn by simply watching her. Her resilient faith has been her greatest gift to me. She is vibrant and unique, she lights up a room like a topaz under rays of sunshine. Her presence lingers even after she's left, staying beside you as if there is an angel in the room. I watch her take a paintbrush to the canvas and without delay; I am peaceful and mesmerized. Her creations surround me colorfully and fill my word with gladness. She is nurturing, kind, loving, and beautiful. She is a fighter, a survivor. She turns fear into praises and thanks. She is a hummingbird in all her grace and spirit. She is perfectly my mother and I am fortunately, her daughter. 

Erika & Lupe-11.jpg

Images: Quin Moss