In His Presence: Elizabeth Tiglao-Guss

A Penny For My Dad's Love

Elizabeth writes of such sweet, small, but big memories with her dad. Reading her post reminded me that it's those every day, "little" things we don't think are much in the moment, but that shape us and truly make us who we are. 


Growing up as the 5th child and the youngest girl, you can just imagine how much of a daddy’s girl I was.  I was raised in a family without much open communication but where actions always spoke louder than words.  My dad always took the time to help me with homework and late night projects, spend time and play with me;  the simple fist fights, joking and tickling, those were the priceless moments I treasure to this day. And If I had a penny for every time he cracked my knuckles as our game when I was little, which by the way I still blame him for having my man hands right now; I think my piggy bank would be loaded. ;) My dad and I have always had a connection without speaking of it, and everyone knew it. We were more of the introverts in the family and we’ve always had that bond, without saying too much. We both like to dance, so he will always be my first dance partner. In my later years, he always managed to help and support me in any way he could, again, without talking about things in detail. Silence meant something and everyone knew that his smiles were always loaded with his own thoughts and emotions without having to say a word.

So, one “silly” habit I’ve learned from my dad (which I think comes from his nature of being a businessman and accountant) is to write a date on almost everything that we use.  Be it a lotion, an ink printer, cooking oil, basically anything you can write on, he’ll add a date noting the start of use, so we can track how long something actually lasts. He makes sure (and now I do too!) that nothing goes to waste and that every penny is well spent. Well, OK, maybe I’m really not that frugal since I have to admit, I still like to indulge myself in nice things, but I am just mindful that nothing should go to waste…. Anyway, there’s nothing more satisfying for me than to find out that my facial moisturizer lasted for about 2 ½ months, and makes me feel like I got my money’s worth in such a small investment, thanks to my dad! I still do it to this day and I smile every time I do, and I immediately think “my dad would be so proud of me right now”. :)

So, if I had a penny for every time my dad shows me an act of love…. I would be the richest kid in town!