Gift Guide: Palm Springs in the Summer

Palm Springs in the Summer

Palm Springs is ultimate Cali-cool. We almost made it to Coachella once, but that’s as close as we’ve gotten to the desert paradise. Totally going off of Instagram pics here, but it seems like there’s endless eclectic shopping and fun. From rainy Florida this week, I’ve been dreaming of all the fun, colorful products that could be included in a Palm Springs celebration. Whether it’s a gift box to celebrate a birthday weekend or a stylish bachelorette weekend, these gifts are it!


1. We all need that go-to makeup bag. And the fact that this one is the coolest shade of teal and see-through is just so Cali-cool. 

2. Time to pop bottles, and this bottle opener is perfect for the job.

3. Any desert themed celebration wants/needs/demands a cactus candle.

4. I can already picture a girl squad all rocking this cactus pouch on a bachelorette night. YES.

5. Mermaids and golden waves and shimmer hair spray. Give me life.

6. Fun matches are the perfect party accessory in ever desert shade.

7. A cute DIY plant box for a crafty moment. 

8. Your button and pin collection is still growing and this pin could is perfect for your collection.

9. This beautiful bottle of champagne is perfect for any summer celebration. As a (huge) added plus, this company has donated more than $2 million, providing over 2,600 clinical trials for cancer patients, 13,000 forever homes for shelter animals, 1.1 million meals for children, 33,000 life-saving vaccines and much more.