The Grateful Days of Summer: Participating Non-Profits

I've been inspired by the non-profit organizations and creative good causes I've gotten to know over the past year. The people and energy behind these brands and products are infectious, and they inspire me to be a better business owner every day.

I wanted to celebrate this idea of gratitude with a celebration ... and it's hard not to have a good party in our South Florida backyard. The Grateful Days of Summer is an extension of our mission of gifting and philanthropy and thought there was no better way than to make a Sunday Funday about something more: our community.

Every activity and every purchase will be tied to a South Florida non-profit or good cause. This means: all ticket proceeds will go to Guitars Over Guns, a local non-profit music-based mentoring program. Guests will also have the option to participate in a short pop-up studio to further support local causes, like writing letters of encouragement to locals struggling with depression, painting candles to gift to local military spouses whose partners are serving overseas, and styling florals that will be donated to a local elderly home.

Guitars Over Guns

We spent an afternoon with the young people in a GOGO session and left wanting to be rappers and guitarists. We love what they are doing for our local teens through music-based mentoring programs, where teens learn music composition and performance, and take lessons in guitar, drums, singing or rapping. The first GOGO program began at North Miami Middle School in 2008. Over the past eight years, the program has grown to offer music and mentoring at seven schools and various community centers in both Miami and Chicago. It's beautiful and expressive, and it's clear these teens are learning more than just an instrument. All ticket proceeds will benefit this program. 


I was originally introduced to Scentsability by my one-and-only soul sister cousin, Lexi. After high school, Lexi struggled to find purpose and motivation when college wasn't an option and finding meaningful employment was difficult. Once she discovered Scentsability, that all changed. Now she and her co-workers spend their days making candles, hand-sanitizer and other body care products, selling at various shows and fairs, traveling to conferences, and most importantly, advocating for their independence and dreams. The gang at Scentsability are obsessed with their craft, they are proud of the products they make and why they make it. Their current goals are to create a group village (a place where they can gain community and independence) and continue to tell the world about their mission. These people are inspiring and I'm so excited you'll get to meet them. At their pop-up studio, ten guests will paint one of their candle tumblers, with the lesson led by Scentsability employees. Those candles will then be donated to local military spouses whose partners are serving overseas. Everything comes full circle at Grateful Days of Summer.

Letters Against Depression

Letters Against Depression says it has a simple mission: to help people afflicted with depression and other mental illnesses. Maybe the mission is simple, but the act is great. A mental illness should never go unseen. The idea that we can right a personal, hand-written letter to someone in our own community saying "I see you" and "you are not alone" is an act I'm honored we'll be helping with. At their pop-up studio, ten guests will have a quick calligraphy lesson, and then write a letter of encouragement that will be sent to someone in our community. 

Naomi MartinComment