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We do gifting differently. We recognize it’s one of the rare moments you get to express your appreciation for those around you in a way that's completely unique. We don’t take that opportunity lightly to curate gift boxes that are truly individualized and that sincerely tell your story.

And because we know we all benefit when nonprofits succeed, we take the opportunity to introduce you to an amazing organization by including a nonprofit product in every gift box. When it comes to the process, from the initial concept, design and sourcing, to tying every bow and ensuring your gift boxes are hand delivered to each recipient, we are detail obsessed and hands-on with every aspect of gifting. Whether you are sending four or fifty gift boxes, we ensure no detail is missed, so you can focus on the true celebration at hand.


Our Mission

We started with the idea that gifting and philanthropy are concepts that center around purpose, passion, and giving. Our mission is to present both in beautiful, timeless products that let you celebrate life’s moments, and become part of a group supporting passionate causes. We believe this is gifting at its purest and most beautiful.

Our Partners

If it’s authentic, simply designed, and made with love, we're all about it. We work with dreamers, moms working overtime on creative dreams, nonprofits around the world, and mom and pop shops in small towns with big dreams. Our partners are passionate artisans and craftspeople, and we are happiest working with them.

Our Process

We search farmer’s markets, craft boutiques, and nonprofits that offer honest, well-made, beautiful products. We attend to the details and strive for simplicity, even though sometimes we can spend way too much time deciding between a cotton-colored or white ribbon. We love being a service based company. Our blood, sweat and paper cuts are worth it to bring your vision to life.


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