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The Presence Co.’s mission is to help our world gift better, and gift for good. Our priority is to understand how, why and what you want to give to the special people in your life. Whether we are curating welcome boxes for your wedding guests, an anniversary box full of meaningful items for your parents’ 50th anniversary, or appreciation boxes for your most loyal clients, we search for items made passionately and honestly, and we think long and hard about how to best communicate your message of thanks, love, or gratitude. We live for the moment your loved one opens their box and are overcome by that message.

The best gifting has an underlying simplicity, and when time and creativity come together in a classic product, it has a special kind of sincerity that deepens connection. We live for connection. That’s why with every box that is curated, we include a nonprofit product that complements the story you are telling. And you’re not just “giving back”—your gift empowers these organizations to continue their work to make our world better.   

Above all, at The Presence Co. we know that time is the ultimate gift. Time to celebrate with your people, to love on friends in need, or get cozy with your better half. How you gift and what you gift are only extensions of those moments. Our gift boxes serve as little but grand reminders of these precious moments.


Encouraging others to run after the things that set their soul on fire.

Rising early (this belief isn't applicable on Sundays).

Subtle, quiet beauty.

Being vulnerable: every time we are, we invite another to be the same, and it's a little bit magical.  

Being curious.

Surrounding yourself with mentors.

Bacon on Sundays.

Saying no (never) to gift cards as a gift.

Playing old mix CDs.

Stripping away as much as we can, so that's what's left is authentically us. Less is more.

Choosing courage or comfort, but accepting you can't choose both. (thanks, Brene Brown).

Thoroughly enjoying the golden hour.

How It Works

There's nothing more beautiful than giving a gift that perfectly communicates your message. It's not magic, but it can be a little bit magical. I started this company searching for that magic, because in my fast-paced world, I yearned for things to slow down. One of those things was the way we gift. My mission as the founder of The Presence Co. is to reinvent the way you gift, so that each item in your gift boxes sincerely communicates your message and is cherished for a lifetime. Time inevitably passes, and my hope is that our gift boxes will be timeless reminders of precious moments.

I've been detail-oriented and creative my whole life. As an only child, I spent entire days in my room creating "haunted houses" for my parents to walk through, complete with ghost spray (water) spritzing them as they walked by my bed. My imagination took me many places as I grew up, from song and story writing, to spending entire weekends deep in a novel. Toni Morrison and Jane Austen will always be two of my favorite women. I continued my love affair with the written word in college as an English Literature major, and later in law school. I came to  love visual design and the process of searching for unique, timeless pieces. After working a couple of years as a lawyer, I realized the corporate life and power suit were not for me, but my passion for advocating for others only strengthened. Now, I spend my days in a beautiful world where my love of design, gifting, and philanthropy come together.

I can't wait to help you gift for good.



keep gifting,